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All You Were Doubtful About When Invited To A Black-Tie Wedding
A wedding invitation is most likely to leave you bouncing off the walls but confused at the same time if the dress code says, ‘black-tie’. 
How to Look Good in A Black Suit
Black is a phenomenal color, chic and classic. Nothing can go wrong with black combinations. The trick of the trade is to know how to accessorize black and how to best create the perfect ensemble. 
Ties 101: Necktie Basics
If you have wondered who started the noose that the necktie is, it’s the Croatian mercenaries who worked for the king of France during the 30 Years War in the 17th century. They wore a piece of cloth around their...
Bow Ties 101: Bowtie Basics
If you think that neckties and bow ties are different neckwears and prefer one over the other, then you might be surprised to know that they have the same origin. They both started with the Croatian mercenaries who worked for...
PS 101: Pocket Square Basics
Pocket Squares magnify an outfit, accentuating a tie or a bowtie.  As with accents, you’d expect the pocket square to have originated after the necktie or the bow tie. Wrong, fact is often stranger than fiction which has to make...
Walkthrough The Suit Combinations That Will Effortlessly Carry You From Dawn To Dusk
There’s a lot more to dressing than just walking up to the cupboard, grabbing up any random suit, and putting it on. If you take time to aware of how to dress, there is no doubt that you will look dressed up to the nines.
What if men had no pockets in their clothes?
To understand the importance of pockets in men's clothing one needs to go through a brief history of pockets. 
How to Tell Wedding Guests What to Wear?
Wedding season is at hand, the preparations pre-wedding can be daunting, and exhausting. We at KissTies have it covered for you.
Why Is a Tuxedo So Expensive?
A fashionable man is incomplete without his trusted suit and his prized tuxedo. Let us first discuss the difference between a tuxedo and a suit.
Interview Attire; To Tie a Bowtie or not?
It is really important in an interview to assess or analyze the workplace environment of the company where you’re being interviewed and understand how you can best blend in with the overall ambiance and environment to come off as the best candidate for the job.
Tie Styles for Your Wedding Day
It is an important and memorable event and hence it is important to feel confident, relaxed and sport outfit that you can think of because you don’t want to look all anxious in your wedding pictures.
Is a Bow Tie Considered More Formal Than a Regular Tie?
If it were a casual event then a necktie would be adequate. If, however, the event calls for formal attire, dress-code, or black-tie kind of situation, a bow tie is a way to go.
What is the difference between a 10 dollar and a 100 dollar tie?
We live in an ever-changing world, where fashion has now become a norm. We strive for excellence, we want the best. We opt for the most impressive and perfect accessories. So let’s ask ourselves if spending as much as we do is worth it?
Choosing the right pocket square
In this blog, we’ll be telling you what you need to keep in mind while choosing the right pocket square to go with your outfit.
The best ways to casually style a bow tie
Bow ties are a common accessory used today and an important one when it comes to making a fashion statement. Usually, bow ties are associated with formal settings or formal wear but those occasions don’t need to be the only place where you can wear a bow tie. Bow ties can be carried well in casual settings as well and in this blog, we will tell you how.
A Complete Guide to Pocket Squares
When dressing up, the purpose is to charm and impress not to startle and distress. We at KissTies make it our mission that you always look impeccably dressed and suave.
Shamrock and 4-leaf Clovers on Saint Patrick's Day
St. Patrick is the Patron Saint of Ireland. By the time of his death on March 17, 461, he had established schools, churches, and monasteries. Legends grew around him, like driving snakes out of Ireland. 
How to fold a pocket square to match with a bowtie?
A pocket square is one such accessory that adds a class of difference to one's suit and ties and gives it a more sophisticated look. It adds a pop of color to the suit and makes it livelier.
What does the Color of your Tie Mean?
Different colors mean different emotions. A bright red color shows passion and intrigue, pink is a color of friendship and romance. Black can be both somber and majestic. White is a color of purity and yellow of hope. One needs to be very careful when opting to wear a certain color. 
A Guide on Choosing the Right Tie
Men usually wear ties on formal or festive occasions. Depending on the occasion, this is either a necktie or a bow tie. There are certain guidelines one should consider before choosing a tie.
That Pocket Square Came From A White Handkerchief
The pocket square made its first appearance in ancient Egypt, in the heyday of the first world power. It was however not the pocket square as we know it today. It had a more utilitarian function as a white linen...