How Do You Find Perfect Color-Match Ties for your Bridesmaid Dresses

How Do You Find Perfect Color-Match Ties for your Bridesmaid Dresses

A bride-to-be from Philadelphia flew to the Philippines with her mom in search of matching ties, bow ties, and pocket squares for the bridesmaid dresses they got from David’s Bridal. We learned about this because they chanced on one of our call center agents based in the Philippines.

They have been searching for such color-matching men’s and boy’s neckwear around PA to no avail and decided to head to Asia. Instead, it just became more apparent to them how formidable the task they had embarked on is. Bridal stores like David’s Bridal take considerable effort to see to it that you cannot find their colors in other bridal stores. And with the hundreds of millions of available colors, looking for a matching color tie or bow tie is a ghost of a chance. 

Women are way better at catching color mismatches. It’s actually a physiological phenomenon, with women having much more color receptors in their eyes than men, resulting in them seeing way more colors. Women are actually able to pick several shades in what men just see as the same color. So for brides, it’s the women in the wedding that they have to be watchful for.

Fortunately for the mother-daughter tandem, they met our call-center agent who got them what they wanted. No, it’s not from bridal stores in the Philippines that also make ties, bow ties, and pocket squares from the same exact material they use on bridesmaid dresses. They’re not exactly tie-makers, so the craftsmanship is wanting. In fact, the ties, bow ties, and pocket squares they got were not from the Philippines at all.

They were from our factories where we can match colors from the thread or from the dye. If provided with a color swatch to match to, we can scan it to yield the exact color match dye if the thread with the exact color is not available in stock. Matching colors from tailored - finished product - neckwear is indeed downright impossible except when you are willing to take the mismatch. Armed with a color swatch of the bridesmaid’s dress color, this gives you what to expect when heading to tie stores.

In our factories, not only do we match colors, we customize the cloth, pattern, design, tailoring, embroidery, logos…everything really to make sour customers happy.

The bride-to-be had a color swatch of the bridesmaid dresses she got from David’s Bridal. Our agent couriered it to our factory and out came Apple Red ties, bow ties, and pocket squares for children and adults - exact color matches of David’s Bridal’s Apple Reds.

It was a happy day for Kenzie.

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