HOW TO TIE A bowtie

As they say, nobody can always be the best but you can always try your best. And this struggle sets you apart from the pack. Similar is the case here. The market does not lack in pre-tied bow ties but knowing how to tie one for yourself is such a privilege.

Bow ties are a fashion staple influencing people from ages. Not only a fashion staple, but this indicates your confidence without needing you to speak a word about it.

Measure your neck girth, and set the bow tie length accordingly. This illustration is mirrored; your right is the model’s left. That’s how it will look when you’re facing the mirror.

tie a bowtie gif tutorial


Though tying your bow tie is an important skill, you don’t need a bag of tricks to fasten one. So, without further ado let’s get started on how to tie a bow tie.

step 1, Ready to tie the bowtie


Pull up your collar. Grab your bow tie and lay it around your neck. Adjust the bow tie such that the left side should be longer than the right one by an inch.

step 2, bring left bar to the right side


Now, cross the left end over the top of the right end.

step 3, bring into the neck loop from under


When one end is over the other, pass the longer end into the neck loop from under. Be mindful of the thing that it should hang longer than the right end by an inch.

step 4,  with the fold on the right and the flap on the left.


Grab the right end and form a bow with it. Keep the fold on the right and flap on the left.

step 5, lower the left end.


Lower the left end over the half-formed bow tie.

step 6, folding to form a mouth.


Now, form a bow with the fold on the right and flap on the left similar to the way you tie your shoelaces. By doing so, you will be folding to form a mouth.

step 7, Put the bow through the loop at the back of the left side bow.


Put the bow through the loop at the back of the left side bow. It will be easy to do this top right corner first. This completes the rough bow tie.

step 8, pull on the flaps.


Keep tugging and pulling the bow tie to make sure it sits in place tightly. To rebalance the bows, pull on the flaps.

step 9, You’re good to go.


Center it between your collar. Pop down your collar and tuck behind the bows.

Boom! You just tied your bow tie. We congratulate you on successfully tying your bow tie in only 9 simple steps.

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How To Make Bow Tie With Ribbon?

Whether you are getting ready for a formal dinner party or your cousin's wedding, bow ties never go out of style. And making one at home has never been easier. Some people get intimidated by the idea of making a bow with a ribbon themselves. However, this is quite simple to do. 

How To Make Bow Tie With Ribbon?

All you will need is:

- A ribbon (thicker than the ones used for gift wrapping)

- A pair of scissors

- A hot glue gun

- Thread

- Needle

The 4 Step Guide to Make Bow with Thin Ribbon:

Follow these simple steps:

Cut 2 Pieces from The Ribbon

Lay the ribbon on a flat surface and measure out two pieces; one of 12 inches and the other of 9 inches. And cut them out. Adjust the length to your liking. If you are making it for an older individual, double the lengths of both pieces, and if for a younger child, shorten the lengths.

Fold The Longer Piece of Ribbon

Fold the longer piece and sew both sides together with the thread.

Fold The Shorter Piece of Ribbon

Take the shorter piece of ribbon and fold it. Then overlap it in the center of the longer piece of ribbon and sew the two ends together with the remaining thread.

You can even do this step on a sewing machine if you have one. However, to keep it as simple as possible, we recommend just using a needle.

Use A Hot-Glue Gun to Attach the Bow Tie to The Ribbon

Grab a new piece of ribbon and put it around your neck to determine the length you will need for the necktie.

Once that is done, hot glue the bow tie to the center of the fresh piece of ribbon.

And voila! Your bow tie is complete and ready to be worn.