Enjoy the Luxury of Unique Ties

A Piece Of The Process

The humble beginnings of our brand.

It’s a very common story. Thankfully, Kiss Ties came along to change all that. We started out as a humble shop run from our garage (and later, basement), for the sole purpose of letting everyone in the world access beautiful silk ties at an affordable price.

Affordable skinny tie, tailor made, made to fit your dimensions. No more sloppy looking, gaping ties! Extra Long Ties are perfect for all men that are tall and skinny. I used to have trouble finding ties that fit my 35” neck. Now I can shop online and pick the perfect length to suit me!


Tie came in perfectly, color was nice and gold had a shimmer effect to it. Lovely tie for casual wearing. However, the gift box came in crooked and bent. It was bad to the point where I couldn't bend it back to place, had to scrap the package. While the tie was unhurt, I was disappointed that I couldn't just give the tie as is. Buy this tie if you like the design, just be wary about gifting.


Looking at it in the picture it only looked like an ok Tie. when it arived I was surprised how beautiful and well made it is. It was a gift for my hubby. He loved the design & feel of the material. It was perfect. Plus consider the price you can't go wrong