Back in 2009, Edison and Susan were looking for ties for their wedding. It was going to be a once-in-a-lifetime event in their lives, and they wanted elegant silk ties to match their wedding motif. But then they soon had a rude awakening. The ties they wanted were in the $100-range. In the end, the $20 ties had to do. 


They wanted to be able to present exquisite ties to their male sponsors, groomsmen, and coin and ring bearers. They wanted one for Edison. That would have been a fond memory to remember, but at that point, it was out of their budget. It was agonizing, and they had kept the ties to this day. 


Hounded by the memory, Edison realized that there are others in the same predicament as them, who want the perfect tie for a fond memory but worry about the budget. 


Even without an extensive market study, Edison and Susan bet that that must be a sizeable craving to satisfy. And so began their quest to serve the need. The ties would have to be elegant, the prices affordable. Thus began their journey to making world-class ties for the wedding market. They studied the best ties money can buy and their makers. They sought to be able to deliver ties wedding customers could kiss. With that focus, KissTies was born in the spring of 2011. 


And if you were to get married now and want exquisitely elegant motif ties for your wedding posse, you can do so with KissTies without breaking the bank. And if you are a bride who wants your groomsmen's ties to perfectly match the color of your bridesmaid's dresses, we can make them in the factory for you, matching the dye or the threads to your color-swatch beforehand. In fact, imagine if you could gift every male wedding guest that RSVP’d with a tie in your wedding motif. That would be something to remember. 


KissTies has since grown from its initial focus on the wedding market to a name known for great-buy exquisite ties for any given day or occasion. To be able to consistently do that, KissTies controls the end-to-end process from production to selling to after-sales service to over 500,000 customers now.


But even before Edison had come to understand the craving to be dignified on the wedding day, he had long wanted to leave a brand to his offspring. KissTies is now that brand, the relationship with customers that Edison and Susan are just fanatical about as their legacy to their son. In fact, this is now the culture in KissTies where everyone works to make it into an inheritance - a job - that they can bring their children into.