We deeply respect those those who serve. The sacrifice is not just by the soldier but by his family too, and that we respect as well. We are with the husbands, wives, and children who look forward to seeing their dad or mom, husband or wife come home. We cry with the family of the fallen. But then too many times the soldier comes home only to fall from his or her own hands. So in our little way, we want to contribute to help prevent soldier or veteran suicide.

We have made elegant 7-fold ties for this effort. The proceeds from the sales of these ties will be donated to.STOP SOLDIER SUICIDE.

These are special ties with no lining in them. Instead of sewing a lining material into the tie to save on costs, the tie is made out of a single piece of tie fabric that is folded 7 times to luxuriously achieve its thickness and supple feel. 7-fold ties are considered the pinnacle of luxury neckwear.

In the tradition of decorating the soldier's uniform with stripes to denote the length of service, these ties are in stripe patterns and in four different kinds representing the colors of the Marines, the Army, the Navy and the Air Force of the United States Armed Forces.

We will also be sponsoring dressing up workshops in different high schools across the country. In these workshops, we will be giving the children of service persons in active duty and veterans neckties in the colors of their parent's branch.

While we used artistic license to come up with the design variations, we saw to it that each version stays true to the colors of the branch they represent, even using the flags of the different branches as reference.

This is our little way of giving back to those that serve or served.