The Perfect Gift for Christmas

Is a tie a good gift? Yes! Tie is good as a gift

Before 1917, members of the British Royal Family had no surname, only the name of the house or dynasty to which they belonged. The family name was changed as a result of anti-German feeling during the First World War, and the name Windsor was adopted after the Castle of the same name.

The tie knot is thought to be named after the Duke of Windsor who was known as King Edward VIII, before his abdication. The Duke had a preference for wide knots and specially made his neckties with thicker cloth so that it produced a knot wider than the conventional four-in-hand knot.

As you can see, necktie knots have acquired a distinction through the years, not the least the name of a king of England. The Windsor for instance one of romance wherein the king was willing to abdicate his throne in favor of divorcee. It also became known for his love for wine and the upbeat social lifestyle. On the other hand, Windsor is known for his distaste for the cumbersome lifestyle of a king in favor of the arms of woman. 

Then there is the merry wives of Windsor. Falstaff decides to fix his financial woe by seducing the wives of two wealthy merchants. The wives find he sent them identical letters and take revenge by playing tricks on Falstaff when he comes calling. With the help of their husbands and friends, the wives play one last trick in the woods to put Falstaff's mischief to an end.

As you can see, the Windsor knot which you yourself might have wondered why it was given the name of a king is full of history and meaning. This is certainly what you can pull off giving a tie as a gift - so much meaning and significance. Let's do a test. What does this tie signify. Don't give up easy as it was supposedly owned by a billionaire.

Or who's product is the most expensive necktie in the world. This was a team-up between a design studio and a Diamond Group to bedazzle a necktie with almost $220,000 worth of diamonds, along with 150 grams of gold used for its pattern, and 271 diamonds with a total weight of 77 carats. This would be another tie worth a king. 

As you'd see, a tie is the perfect gift for Christmas with its value, meaning essence or history seldom surpassed. This time it is your turn to figure out your Christmas tie gift. What’s the material (silk, microfiber, wool, cotton, linen, ramie, acetate, rayon, nylon; width (standard, skinny); length (extra-long); pattern, (solid color, Paisley, checkered, striped, plaid, polka dot, floral); tailoring (standard with lining, 7-fold) …Of course the theme has to be Christmas, but even with that the choices would be dizzying. Been there, done that, bought a t-shirt, and many neckties.  

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