All You Were Doubtful About When Invited To A Black-Tie Wedding

All You Were Doubtful About When Invited To A Black-Tie Wedding

Why being perplexed about how to dress for a black-tie wedding when we are guiding you from head to toe about everything related to a black-tie wedding? A wedding invitation is most likely to leave you bouncing off the walls but confused at the same time if the dress code says, ‘black-tie’. This can pop up a big question mark in your head regarding what to wear. We are here to make your lives easier and save your time by providing you with the ultimate guide to dress for a black-tie wedding.

What Is A Black-Tie Wedding?

A black-tie wedding is a slightly less formal evening wedding event with a specified western dress code for both men and women.

What to Wear to A Black-Tie Wedding?

A black-tie wedding dress code varies for both men and women. Let us give you a deep dive into these respective attires.


For men, black-tie weddings don’t come with many available options. Wear a tuxedo accompanied by all the formal accessories like the bow tie. For shoes, go for standard leather shoes and you are all good to go. If you don’t already have one in your wardrobe you can rent or buy one. This makes it even simpler to attend a black-tie wedding for men.


Women are required to go a bit fancier than men. You can take this as an opportunity to unapologetically wear up your floor-length gown. You’ll never look bad in a floor-length gown. However, if you are more inclined towards a shorter dress, go for a cocktail dress that’s not for a night out. You can only get away with it if it’s a bit fancier than the one you’ve saved for a semi-formal event. Get a bit more glamorous with a cocktail dress and you are good to go.

Think of adding some more shimmering and glittering agents into your dress. Experiment with jewelry and some darker shades for your dress.

General Dressing Etiquettes:

Here are some extra tips to keep track of while dressing up. Although these are easy to follow but place a major impact on your final look. If you are not interested in spoiling your final look, give it a read;

  • Go for Color Combinations That Complement the Evening Time:

Dressing experts usually say that dark colors complement evening time so go for dark and formal colors. Also, prefer properly structured patterns and silhouettes that go well with the evening time. Darker colors help you grab attention even at night time. Evenings also give you a wider edge to experiment with your makeup. You can go for darker colors and shades.

  • Pick the Hints in The Invitation:

The invitation card says much about the theme of the wedding. Pick the hidden hints in the invitation card and a big portion of your problem will be automatically solved. The invitation will give you an idea of what’s the wedding most likely be like. If the invitation is strict of rigid and traditional style, you can get an idea that the dress code will specifically be formal and you have less option to deviate from formal dresses.

  • Venue Is A Big Indication:

The wedding venue stated in the invitation is a big indication to pick on. It would be a cherry on the top if you can get a detail of the wedding theme. That’ll help you out in choosing your attire. Traditional venue points towards a more formal dress code whereas a fun abiding venue indicates a relief at dressing.

  • Wearing White Is A Major Turn-Off:

White is a big ‘NO’, especially in a black-tie wedding. Not only pure white but all the colors related to white in any way aren’t preferred. They may be cream, off-white, vanilla, ivory, and eggshell. These colors only look a part of the wedding when worn by the bride herself.

  • Give Revealing Clothes A Miss:

Restrain from giving a try to your revealing clothes this black-tie wedding ceremony and you would look so rightly dressed. Revealing clothes may sound disrespectful or even a bit offensive for a black-tie wedding. We are sure you don’t want to be the one distracting person in the room so it’s better to go for something more modest. Save the revealing ones for other weddings, you’ll have many lined up soon.

  • Don’t Expect Welcome, Looking Like A Bridesmaid When You Aren’t:

If it’s possible for you, get into contact with anyone from the wedding whether they be bridesmaids or the bride herself to confirm the colors that bridesmaids are planning to wear. You shouldn’t enter the wedding looking like a member of the bride team when you aren’t. So, to remain on the safe side try confirming the colors of bridesmaids first.

  • Don’t Steal the Show from The Bride:

The wedding you are invited to as a guest isn’t your day. It’s the brides’ day and let her be the center of attention. Though you have got a full chance to all glam up but don’t go overboard in dressing up. Dress up like a wedding guest and that’s it. Don’t try overshadowing the bride herself.

  • Hairstyle and Makeup, That’s Your Business:

There are no stiff rules when it comes to hair and makeup. It’s all up to you. You surely don’t want to sound like just rolled out of bed. Properly do your makeup and hairstyle according to your choice. If you are a person loving hair and makeup this is your chance to go and explore all available options and rock the floor.

Dressing for a black-tie wedding isn’t rocket science to look up to. With a little understanding, you are all perfect to attend a black-tie wedding, look all glammed up, and become a part of the most wished spotlight.

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