How to Look Good in A Black Suit

How to Look Good in A Black Suit

Black is a phenomenal color, chic and classic. Nothing can go wrong with black combinations. The trick of the trade is to know how to accessorize black and how to best create the perfect ensemble. A black suit is good for all occasions be it a wedding, a meeting, a conference or a charity event.

A black suit pairs well with all shirt color combinations but it's ideal to dress up according to one's natural inclinations and what colors suit you best. A pale blue shirt might look classic on someone and may make you look washed out so it is wise to dress according to one's strengths to ensure that you look your best in a black suit. Choose complementary colors according to your skin tone and features to optimize the look. There are a few shades that always compliment a black suit perfectly. We will discuss how to pair them in your black suits.

Wearing White Shirt with Black Suit

A white shirt with a black suit is the perfect combination. You can't go wrong with this classic look. The only problem may arise if you choose the wrong colored tie. This traditional duo works best with classic colors to exude maturity and elegance. To liven up this traditional black suit opt for ginghams, plaids, and checks. Bold dark colors look vibrant and look exceptionally well with this combination so choose colors like black, emeralds, maroon, dull purples, and soft blues for a simple and classy look. Always avoid shimmering materials as they tend to look gaudy and cheap and bring unwanted attention.

Wearing Blue Shirt with Black Suit

A blue shirt is always a gem when it comes to men's suiting. It pairs as well with a black suit as well as a white shirt looks good with a black suit. The key to looking suave is to pair this combination well with good prints in monochromatic shades and accessorize wisely. There are different hues and shades of blue that will look regal with black suit combinations. So always try to be more playful and open with your choice of colors and go for indigo, cobalt, and sapphire blues with your black suit. Ties with neutral hues or solid black both work well with these combinations.

All Black Suit

An all-black suit is a very bold and risky choice. It might not look at all good on some men; then again it may look magical on others. Black on black can either give a very sinister or a very regal look. So one should always go with what compliments one best. As far as the tie is concerned it is best to avoid one with a black shirt and black suit combination, but if one wants to accessorize it is wisest to stick with a black-tie. Any other color if paired with this unique combination might end up looking tacky or messy so it's better to avoid them.

Wearing Grey Shirt with Black Suit

You might have heard of the term fifty shades of grey. This is used to express the multiple hues of greys available from slates, charcoals, and dove greys to dark silver greys. Black is a versatile shade and pairs well with all hues of greys so it is completely up to your discretion which grey shirt you choose to wear with your black suit. Since black and grey belong to the same monochromatic family ties in shades of greys look ideal with these combinations. You can opt for muted or dark grey ties in whatever cut and dimension you like best and the ensemble would be perfect.

Wearing Purple Shirt with Black Suit

You can either wear a light purple or lilac shade with your black suit as it gives you a myriad of choices when selecting a tie. Darker purples are tricky and need a lot of careful consideration when choosing the right shade according to your skin tone. They are also more difficult to pair with ties but can be worn well with classical printed ties.

Rules of Thumb when Wearing a Black Suit

The principle to remember when dressing up is never to overdo anything. By the end of the day, the purpose to learn all the dos and don'ts of dressing up is to look suave and debonair. So always work within your comfort zone. It is not necessary that if a trend is in fashion it would look good on you too, so always find complementary colors that wouldn't overwhelm or underwhelm your entire wardrobe. One can sometimes tend to overdo the use of colors or prints, remember to keep things simple and elegant. It is crucial to give a lot of care to how your suit is tailored, no matter how well you accessorize it, if it doesn't fit well this is all for naught. It should mold perfectly to your body without being too tight to give it a stuffed-up look or too loose to make you look like a scarecrow. The suit family has a lot of counterparts and allies, i.e. it is always good to pair your suits well with good ties or pocket squares to give yourself a nice flourish and an air of elegance.




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