Interview Attire; To Tie a Bowtie or not?

tie a bowtie for interview or not

1. To understand the interview culture

All of us who are either stepping into the corporate world or have done so at an earlier stage, have to appear for job interviews and it is essential to make a good impression in front of your interviewer so that there are more chances of you landing a job. Interviews are essential these days where the employer gets to interact with a potential employee and assess whether that person would be suitable for the job or not. It is really important in an interview to assess or analyze the workplace environment of the company where you’re being interviewed and understand how you can best blend in with the overall ambiance and environment to come off as the best candidate for the job.

 interview tie

2. The Interview Setting

It is also really important to identify the setting of the interview. In this case, there are mainly two possibilities that can occur. Either you have been called for a formal interview which is usually how it goes about in most companies in the corporate world or otherwise a semi-formal interview where there’s a comparatively more relaxed setting that goes according to the environment of the workplace.


3. Choosing The Right Tie

Neckties are an important part of the interview attire and make you look more presentable. It is your overall appearance that leaves the first impression on an employer before you even have a conversation with the person and so you must look your best and come forward as a confident individual. The usual tie choice most people go with for an interview setting is the regular necktie and usually tied in a Windsor knot which is the best tie not you can opt for when it comes to a formal interview setting. Choosing the right tie in terms of the size and color of the tie is important because gives the employer an insight into your aesthetic sense.


4. Is The Bow Tie The Right Choice For an Interview?

In our opinion, the bow tie is not the right choice for a formal interview. No doubt that the bow tie, itself is part of formal attire but at the same time, wearing one requires careful consideration based on the ambiance or environment of the place one has planned to go to. Usually, bow ties are worn in black tie events or ballroom settings and are mostly worn with tuxedos. It is a very graceful addition to a suit but not something that can be work in any formal setting. The bow tie may come off as an extreme or a not so usual accessory when it comes to an interview setting so it’s better to keep it more subtle in such a setting.

 do not tie a bowtie for interview

5. The Final Verdict

The final verdict is pretty clear and it is easy to conclude by saying that the bow tie is not the right choice for an interview setting but if you are someone who loves this accessory and wants to wear it, we suggest taking 2-3 weeks to blend in at the new workplace environment and then choosing a suitable day to sport a bow tie.


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