Tie Styles for Your Wedding Day

Tie Styles for Your Wedding Day

1. Approaching the Big Day

Getting married is something that hopefully most of us will go through once in our lifetime and that is the day in our lives, after which, things change for the better. It is an important and memorable event and hence it is important to feel confident, relaxed and sport outfit that you can think of because you don’t want to look all anxious in your wedding pictures.

A significant part of your confidence comes from what you are wearing even though it shouldn’t be the only reason for it. It’s simple if you look good, you feel good and hence it’s really important to find the best attire for your wedding day with all the suitable accessories that give you an elegant outlook.


2. The Significance of the Suit

There should be a careful thought process put into the selection of what suit you’re going to wear on your big day and each aspect from the color to its buttons has to be taken into careful consideration. It is also really important to choose the right accessories that support your overall attire and enhance your look which could include cuff links, a necktie, a bow tie, or a pocket square.


3. Choosing the Right Tie For The Day

The tie is one of the most important accessories for the big day. It’s something that would be visible when worn and has to compliment your overall attire. There are three main questions that you need to focus on when selecting the right necktie. The first question is what sort of tie you should wear on your wedding day, the second is what color the tie should be off and the last but not the least, what knot should you be making on your big day?


4. Which Tie you Should Wear?

There are, in most cases, two choices that are available in the answer to this question. The choice is either between a regular necktie either slim or of greater width or a bow tie. The subtypes of either type of ties can be looked at a later stage but the main choice is between these two types. If the setting is more of a ballroom event then we’d suggest wearing a bow tie but otherwise, a regular necktie that goes well with your suit would do just great.


5. What should the Color of the Tie be?

The color of the tie is really important because the tie is something that is visible and people notice it more than other accessories. The rule of the thumb to choose the best color is that the color of your tie should be darker than the color of the shirt and stands out but also one that compliments the look and does not come off as too obnoxious.


6. Choosing the Right Knot Style

There are many different types of tie knots that you can choose from when deciding how the knot should be on your wedding day. Among the many styles, you can choose from the best ones for a wedding would include the Windsor tie knot, the half Winsor tie knot, the Eldredge tie knot, and the Rose Bud tie knot.

The Windsor or half Windsor tie knots are not very different from each other. Both come out in a triangular shape with the only difference being that the half Windsor is just less thick compared to the Windsor knot and is easier to tie.

The Eldredge knot has a few more steps involved when it comes to the tying process compared to that of a Windsor but it brings out a more sophisticated look with a triangular braided shape and the Rosebud shape, as the name may tell you looks like the shape of a rosebud and carries its grace if tied properly.


7. Time to Make the Choice

These are the essentials you want to think about when you’re deciding what tie you want to wear at your wedding and with which knot style. In the end, it is most important to walk your walk and be confident so that you look your best.



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