Is a Bow Tie Considered More Formal Than a Regular Tie?

Is a Bow Tie Considered More Formal Than a Regular Tie?

In the fashion world, being appropriately dressed is the key to finesse. We never want to be underdressed or worst still overdressed. When choosing the neckwear it is always prudent to consider the event. If it were a casual event then a necktie would be adequate. If, however, the event calls for formal attire, dress-code, or black-tie kind of situation, a bow tie is a way to go.

Bow ties are considered more formal than neckties. They are best suited for formal events like charity events, award ceremonies, and weddings. They were worn as cravats in the seventeenth century. The French have always been the fashion trendsetters and they invented the bow tie. The aura associated with bow ties is that of intellectualism and panache.

When and Why are Bow Ties Worn?

A bow tie is always worn with tuxedos and pleated shirts. It's a style statement to wear a bow tie with pleated formal shirts and cufflinks. It gives off a very suave look. Formal events are gatherings where one wants to stand out and be noticed so bow ties are the perfect accessory to one's style statement. They are worn for auspicious gatherings; therefore, must be avoided at all costs if the occasion asks for a more somber look like a funeral.

In some cases, bow ties are also worn as an individual style statement. Like some celebrities choose to wear bow ties even with suits since they want to have their unique sense of style. Bow ties are a less common choice, so they will make more of an impact and set you apart from the crowd.

The classic bow tie is that of black color and pairs exceptionally well with white pleated shirts and black tuxedos. However, people are now happy to experiment, mix and match different colors and looks, so colorful and printed bow ties are available in the market. The key is to decide what to wear and when as one wants to look chic and trendy but not dull or garish.

The rule of the thumb is to play safe for formal occasions and stick to the classic black bow tie. In case of fun gatherings or informal events, one can experiment with colors and go for a diverse printed or colorful bowtie.

Neckties on the other hand can be played up or down according to one's dress -code. If one chooses to wear a necktie with a blazar and jeans that look is very casual and informal. Then again, if one needs to dress up a little, a handsome necktie with a classic suit is the ultimate fashion statement.

The beauty of the modern world is the freedom of choice given to us. We do not belong in a world where everything is set by rules and written in black and white. We can never label any style statement staunchly now, as the rules are very flexible. Hence, for some bow ties may be too formal and they would want to keep their style casual and minimalistic, for others it might be just perfect.

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