Custom Ties Are Powerful

rolls of thread hanging on the factory wall

Where we pay money for what we consume, people’s attention is a very real traded currency. This is what we’re actually paying with for TV and other free stuff like Facebook and Google. We live in a world of advertising where people’s attention is a multi-billion industry. This is why custom logo ties and bowties are powerful ad spaces. 

They’re promotional and marketing tools that don’t just stay in office premises. They go to and move around conferences, meetings, and other company-relevant events. In an expo where advertising is a premium, participants on logo ties actually get to advertise their company around for free. For the same reason that Coca-Cola spends billions to have its logo everywhere its customers are, logo ties enable a company to circulate its brand in the environment of its customers for a whole lot less.

Then there’s subliminal programming, the reason for celebrity endorsers. While we usually assume that advertising mostly informs us about a product and its properties, it influences us in a way that goes beyond our ability to think logically. An approach is to take the product advertised and put it next to things that we like or feel positive about. For example, putting a particular brand of bottled water next to snow-capped mountains and a scenic waterfall. It’s not saying that the water came from the mountains, but repeatedly showing the image makes us feel good about it. By the time we are thirsty, we just find ourselves reaching out for that brand of bottled water although it’s essentially the same purified water as the others in the store. 

Quite naturally, employees wearing the company emblem are compelled to carry on their best behavior representing the company. So not only does a logo tie put a company’s brand in front of its stakeholders, it associates the brand with good feelings.

On the other hand, in the case of the corporate giveaway, the good feeling is tied to the perceived value of the giveaway. As giveaways, neckties, bowties and pocket squares are iconic. It’s then a matter of suavely identifying the giver. This is accomplished by having the corporate logo as the artwork itself, or woven somewhere inconspicuous.

But whether starkly displaying the brand in a logo tie or inconspicuously weaving it into the fabric, the custom logo tie or bowtie just has to be really well-crafted for it to work. Not only does a bad quality logo tie, If it is, it’s remarkably powerful.

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