Bulk Buy Ties, Bow Ties, & Pocket Squares

Bulk Buy Ties, Bow Ties, & Pocket Squares

If you are going to stock inventory on neckwear and related men's accessories, you need to consider these elements in your wholesaler or manufacturer.

Quality vs. Price
If the quality of the neckwear and accessory that you get is poor, not only do you risk incurring extra costs from returns and replacements, you downright risk losing customers. If you decide to move poor quality to your customers, you risk damaging your business and burning bridges. Your supplier has to enable you to deliver quality products at the best value for money.

As a global supplier of ties, bow ties, and pocket squares, Best Quality + Price has always been a quest of KissTies in its 10+ years experience as an ODM (original design manufacturer) and OEM (original equipment manufacturer). Shipping is FOB Delivered to ensure you only pay the quality you receive. And we only use the major forwarding services in the US and around the world.

What customers buy is the sum total of what you have to offer, but look and feel is at the forefront of it in the fashion accessory business. If you remember the last time you bought a tie or a bow tie, look and feel is the most compelling impulse factor.

For over 10 years now, KissTies has been a global wholesaler-retailer. In addition to holiday designs like flag-themed or St. Patrick's Day ties and pocket squares, we retail the 7 most sought-after patterns: solid-color Satin, Paisley, Checkered, Striped, Plaid, Polka Dot, and Floral. Retailing has enabled us to accumulate designs with proven end-user market traction, selling well from year to year. These are in display in KissTies.com and available for bulk purchase,

Stability & Reliability
Reliable suppliers deliver the right goods on time. Large suppliers are generally more reliable, they just have more practice. They have to have enough resources and have set up fallback systems in place to be able to still deliver even when some things go wrong. On the other hand, with small suppliers, you can develop a closer relationship. Small suppliers usually respond better to different requests such as rush orders, or holding on to stock.

While KissTies has been blessed with phenomenal growth in just 10 years, it remains our conviction that this was brought forth by fanatical customer service. Everyone in KissTies is Customer Service. Everyone. And while our stability also stems from the cooperative brands and manufacturers we have in our circle, our deep market and product experience is KissTies’ greatest manufacturing leverage.

KissTies controls the end-to-end process from production to selling to after-sales service to over 500,000 customers now, both consumer and business. We started out selling ties to wedding couples - a very personal market - and have become part of many weddings and the hustle and bustle that each one almost inevitably becomes when each one has to happen as scheduled. We pride ourselves in being nimble, treating customers like relatives who are about to get married. We have stayed up late at night helping a customer get the ties for his mother's funeral, and we will if we have to for bulk order.

Get Our Free Quote & Sample
Fill the (RFQ) Request For Quotation. You can get a free sample of the same product type as your order by checking out the item of your choice and inputting the order number in the RFQ form. The amount will then be deducted from the cost of the wholesale or bulk purchase.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) is only a total of 50 per product type, with no MOQ per SKU (Stock Keeping Unit).


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