Check Pattern

Drawing of ancient Persians playing Chess

The check or checkered pattern in clothes and ties that you also see in a chessboard is so common that hardly anyone is unfamiliar with it. If you wonder where it came from, you might be missing the obvious. The word is derived from Shah, meaning King in Persian from the game of Chess. In fact, the term “check-mate” comes from “shah mat” which means the king is dead. The word entered the French language as echec in the 11th century, the pattern into French fashion shortly thereafter. And then it spread to the English. The consensus is that the game of Chess didn’t start with the Persians though, it originated in northern India in 6th century AD and was carried over when the Arabs conquered Persia. The globally popular checkered pattern has indeed quite a bit of history that follows the western world powers - reminiscent of the game of Chess it came from.

Drawing of ancient Persians playing Chess

Checkered has dominated the fashion scene for the last three decades. It was even adopted by a music genre famously known as “2 Tone”, a blend of ska, punk and pop music that arose from England. The black and white checkered pattern also perfectly symbolizes racial unity and equality. You can see the pattern take on more practical roles in popular culture, like the very visible-in-motion checkered flag of racing circuits. It originated from the "checkers" who watched the finishing line and checked when cars had finished the race. Checkered is such an entrenched pattern that you hardly notice it doing its job. Just look around you now. It will always be around. 

Fashion show of checkered pattern

You can readily see how innately fashionable the Checkered Pattern is. It is a versatile and easy-to-match pattern that works well in any and all settings, both casual and formal. Checkered ties, bow ties, and pocket squares are perfect for weddings, office parties, dating, dining, meetings, office wear and more. They match well with any solid color suit, blazer, or buttoned-down shirt. KissTies just has to carry a Checkered Collection to delight its customers. Dignified, checkered ties and bow ties are a favorite gift for Father’s Day.

solid color checkered tie

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