To our KissTies community

Medical frontliner wearing a surgical mask

To our KissTies community,

You are probably drained from the stress of the evolving pandemic. Self-quarantine remains to be the best way to deal with the contagion. What we now know happened to the patients does tell that avoiding the COVID-19 infection is the overwhelmingly better choice than having to deal with infection tests, overwhelmed hospitals,  respirators, and possibly a harrowing death in isolation with your loved ones unable to contact you.  

If you have to go out for food, take precautions treating COVID-19 as airborne. The latest studies show that it stays airborne for hours. You'd need a mask and goggles that would protect your eyes, nose, and mouth, and disinfect these and your hands with alcohol (70%) before removing. You can use swimming goggles with a little water inside to rinse down fogging when they form. And then you'd have to disinfect the rest of your body and the food packages. 

We are in this together so we understand that self-quarantine feels like prison, with the walls and fences of our houses the prison grounds. However, gratitude can make all the difference in coping and keeping our senses. Counting the things to be grateful for, like the COVID-19-free air you breathe in the house changes everything. Many of those who expired craved for that until they couldn't anymore. You can hug your family members when the patients can't even call. 

With that, this is a time for catching up with our kids and things that we didn't get around to doing. You can imagine that you are on a survival reality show holed up in your house, try a recipe, or learning how to tie a tie or bow tie. This is a time for adventure, and you escape with your life and those of your beloved ones. 

On our part, we are with those who bring the world to you. We continue to process orders. If you have questions or concerns, contact and we will attend to it promptly. We are here to get you ready to emerge when the quarantine is over. Until then…

Stay safe,


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