Why Navy Blue Satin tie

Man putting on a navy blue satin tie

Back in 2009 when Edison and Susan were talking about their wedding, for the neckties, their choice was satin ties for their wedding to match their Navy Blue wedding motif. 

Why Satin? 
Satin is the traditional and most elegant choice for formal weddings. 

Why Navy Blue? 
They just happen to love the color. 

And since it was their own wedding that kindled their passion for selling ties, they started their business selling Navy Blue satin ties. In fact, Navy Blue is now the color of the KissTies trademark. The color is also prominent in their Paisley, Checkered, Striped, Plaid, Polka Dot and Floral ties- all 7 patterns KissTies carry. It’s been a bestseller for the past 10 years. 

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KissTies was indeed started with selling Navy Blue satin ties to the wedding market. It’s easy to both match and contrast. It goes well with the bride’s white gown in a church, beach or mountain wedding - just about any setting. Associated with the navy, sailing, water and ocean sports, Navy Blue is considered the power color in business and politics and resonates with many different cultures as a color of strength, reliability, honor, bravery, and power. Customers just love it, and this validation tickles Edison and Susan pink. It’s the lucky color KissTies brings to its customers.

These are the Navy Blue ties that Edison and Susan wanted for their wedding and started KissTies with.:

MICROFIBER: Navy Blue Satin Tie
navy blue satin tie
SILK: Navy Blue Silk Tie
navy blue silk tie


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