How to Choose the Perfect Tie for Your Wedding

The groom and groomsmen in matching motif satin ties

Weddings are one of the most important and special occasions in life. You’ll want every detail to be as perfect as possible. Your wedding attire and its crown jewel would be critical. In case you are wondering, that crown jewel is on your neck, either a necktie or a bowtie. 

The choice is largely a function of your attire. If you’re wearing a jacket, neckties are the more traditional complementing neckwear. If you're wearing a tuxedo, bowties go with it. 

Having settled on which neckwear to use, you are still not off the hook.  There is quite a daunting array of factors to consider. 

Choosing the Right Color

There are thousands of colors available. You have to choose one that goes well with the wedding motif which is normally a given from your bride-to-be. Just think of the motif as your background color. It would be the color of the gowns of the bridesmaids and the ties of your groomsmen. The color you choose has to stand out against the motif, complementary not analogous - or of the same shade - and definitely not clash with it. 

The classic black color is an ideal option to wear with a black wedding suit. Neutral colors like silver and grey look good with most other colors.

Shades like browns, yellows, oranges, and reds look great if you are getting married in summer or fall. Colors with cooler hues such as greens, blues and purples are best for weddings in winter and spring.

Selecting the Right Pattern

As with colors, there are different patterns to choose from such as solid, striped, checkered, Paisley, polka dot, floral, plaid, and so on. The right pattern takes from the level of formality of the wedding.

If your wedding is on the formal side, a solid color is the way to go. A less formal wedding allows you to choose from more patterns such as floral and Paisley which goes well with a jacket. But if you're wearing a tuxedo, wear a solid. and a black solid for the ultimate formal wedding. 

Determining the Size

Size is not a concern with bowties that come in a standard for men and with adjustable neckbands. It is, however, a critical one for neckties. The wrong size can make you look like you're not the one getting married. There are serious considerations to make for size, both width, and length.

The width should be comparable to that of your collar. If you're big, a wide necktie would suit you. The more trendy Skinny tie brings attention to a thin physique.  

The length is a more serious issue because knotted, the head - the wide part - has to fall in front of the belt buckle, and the tail completely hidden. 

While Standard-size ties are for men below 6 feet tall or with a neck size smaller than 17.5 inches, it would look bad on those that exceed these numbers. The head would either not reach the belt, or the tail wouldn't be able to go through the keeper loop and peek out. This is seriously bad on any given day, and unspeakable on your wedding. 

So if you're 6-foot tall or have a neck size of 17.5 inches and above, you should try Extra Long ties which are 6 inches longer. Standard-length ties are around 58 inches, while Extra Long ties are around 63 inches. 

But to make this easier on you, have your bride choose the attire, and the color and pattern of your neckwear. Speaking of perfect, you will be avoiding a potential flashpoint. Just request the size if it's a necktie.  

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