The best ways to casually style a bow tie

The best ways to casually style a bow tie

Bow ties are a common accessory used today and an important one when it comes to making a fashion statement. Usually, bow ties are associated with formal settings or formal wear but those occasions don’t need to be the only place where you can wear a bow tie. Bow ties can be carried well in casual settings as well and in this blog, we will tell you how.

1. Pairing a bow tie with jeans

Among the most casually known attires, we have the mainstream jeans look. Jeans are pants or trousers that are usually made of denim or dungaree material. They are usually considered to be formal attire and are easy to maintain products. With the right jean pants, one can easily carry a bow tie look that will leave its mark. The best way to carry a bow tie with jeans is to wear subtle and simple colored jean pants without many designs so that the jeans are not very distracting. The entire look also depends on what sort of shirt one can wear with the jeans, preferably a plain shirt or maybe one with a nice check design. In either case, the color of the shirt is something to look out for and the color of the bow tie should complement the color of the shirt rather than making it seem too loud.

2. The bow tie on a casual shirt

Bow ties are usually part of formal attires with plain shirts or with a frilled shirt with a tuxedo but there are several other shirt options that one can consider while wearing a bow tie. One look that you can recreate is wearing a multi-colored bow tie with a plain white shirt and khaki pants or maybe a maroon bow tie with a light blue check shirt. A black-colored bow tie would also look good with a plain white shirt and simple blue jeans would just about fit right under it. These are some of the many looks that you can pull of as casual, wearing a bow tie.

3. Sporting a bow tie with shorts

As we approach the summers there are many different styles that we can sport throughout the season.

One of the best ways to wear a bow tie in the summer season is to carry it with a nice casual shirt and shorts underneath. With some well-tailored pair of shorts and proper shoes which could either be some stylish loafers or a good pair of oxfords, one can easily manage to carry a bow tie with a range of different colors of shorts.

4. Bow ties with untucked shirts

Another way to manage to make a bow tie look seem more casual is by wearing a bow tie with an untucked shirt. Shirts should usually be tucked in at formal events but can be kept out at an informal event and can look good with the right choice of the bow tie.

5.Wearing a bow tie with a denim jacket

You can also sport a bow tie with a denim jacket for an elegant yet informal look. A plain white shirt, with a nice colored bow tie, can easily be worn with either a blue or black denim jacket enhancing the whole informal attire.

6. Bow tie with chinos and casual jackets

biwtie with casual wear

Bow ties can also be used as the perfect accessory with a nice casual jacket and chino pants. Chino pants are usually slim fit, straight pants and coupled with a nice casual jacket and some loafers can give you a neat, casual look. A look you can try out is wearing khaki pants with a white tucked-in shirt and a navy blue casual jacket with a nice baby pink-colored bow tie.


As you can see that there are numerous ways one can carry a bow tie in an informal or casual setting. The only important thing is that what you wear, gels in with the general ambiance of the place you’re at and does not leave you out of place. Your bow tie needs to complement your look and should blend with your outfit. Apart from that, just be confident in your shoes, try out different styles and keep people noticing. 


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