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The aesthetic choice

Your clothing defines you as a person. Your first impression may not be your last one but it has its significance nonetheless. Your attire defines your sense of style and brings to light your aesthetic sense. Choosing what to wear and how to outshine people has not got much to do with the money that goes into buying your clothes or which brand you’re sporting. It has more to do with the choice that you make while matching different outfits and how you can carry them. In this blog, we’ll be telling you what you need to keep in mind while choosing the right pocket square to go with your outfit.

There are no rules!

pocket square

Keep in mind that there are no hard and fast rules while choosing a pocket square. The main thing that should be kept in mind is that it should complement your shirt and tie and should be in contrast with their color schemes. Whether you choose to sport a patterned pocket square or one with dots, it should enhance your overall appearance and if you feel confident in your clothes there is no need to think any further and you should just walk out and head to your destination.

You want it to be visible

From the title of this paragraph, it is pretty clear what is to come in its content. The whole idea of a pocket square these days is that it is an accessory and a fashion statement and it can’t be that unless it is visible. This is where the size of the pocket square comes into careful consideration. At a minimum, a pocket square should be at least 40cm. This is a reasonable width and any pocket square below this width will most likely slip inside of your pocket and thus would hinder the whole outlook.

On what occasions should you carry a pocket square?

In the olden times, a pocket square was an accessory, mostly seen at formal events and gatherings but with the evolution of the world and the fashion industry with it, we see that the pocket square can be sported in a semi-formal or casual setting as well. The key is to keep it simple so that the pocket square supports your overall attire and does not seem distasteful.

Do you want it to match your tie? 

pocket square match ties

The answer to that question according to modern fashion beliefs is a big NO! The idea may seem pretty neat but is a no-go area when it comes to the sense of modern dressing. The best you should be able to do is that if you’re wearing a printed pocket square then you should pick a color from the colors in the pocket square and choose a tie that is in contrast with that one color. This will keep both accessories in contrast and also keep them from being similar.

Type of folds

It is essential to match the fold of your pocket square with the occasion. So we suggest that in a more formal setting it is best to have a flat fold or one to two-point folds whereas, in a casual setting, it is best that you sport a pocket square with a flare or a classic puff so that it complements the overall setting and ambiance of the place you’re at.

Pocket square essentials covered

The points discussed above should cover the basics of the pocket square essentials that you need to know. Keep in mind these few pointers and you’re good to go! Just remember the general rule with any attire, confidence is key!

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