Safely Back-To-Work With Coronavirus

Woman in reusable full-face mask protection against Coronavirus

We are in this together, the lock-down taking a heavy toll on business. So if we want to re-open business or go back to work, we need to do so safely. We just need to ensure that we are protected from the novel Coronavirus.

The points of entry into our bodies are just 3: mouth, eyes, and nose. The latest findings indicate that Coronavirus can stay airborne for a significant period of time, so we need protective equipment that can block airborne contagion from our points of entry at all times. 

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Reusable Full-Face Mask

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) like a reusable N95 full-face mask that protects the mouth, nose, and eyes from an airborne Coronavirus would greatly ease the need for social distancing. In fact, with everyone equally protected, the lock-down can actually be safely eased out. 

The PPE would have to be backed up with Coronavirus-specific hygiene practices that never allows the Coronavirus to get into the mask and into our homes. The mask, it's straps and points of contact with the face needs to be sprayed with at least 60% rubbing alcohol before removal. Spraying needs to include the parts of the face that is not covered by the mask especially the forehead and hair near it. The coronavirus that has gotten into the hair, clothes, body, groceries, cash, keys - everything - also needs to be properly disinfected before going into the house. 

Washing hands often, not touching the face, and not shaking hands stand as good practices. But having a full-face mask greatly helps in the event of lapses in prevention that can be deadly.

It will be tedious and with a pretty rough learning curve. But it will allow us to safely go back to work and earn a living. And. Live.

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