I Want To Leave My Son a Brand

Man and his boy putting on neckties together

My desire to leave my son a brand, this is how KissTies came to be. In fact, KissTies is in many ways our first child. So yes, my first child is my inheritance to my second flesh and blood one. But we are raising both as our children, and we talk about them even late at night.

Essentially, I want to leave my son a livelihood that he can take and grow so that he does not have to start from zero. Getting from zero to one is always difficult. This way, he will have more opportunities for growing it, and have some fallback in case of slip-ups. 

A brand is a relationship with your customers. Really it is as much our customers' as it is ours. And just like in any relationship, expectations are formed. So with KissTies meant to be passed on to Ryan,  I have been fanatical about making it a happy thought to our customers - from the buying to the receiving, to the years of using.  

With over 500,000 customers now, we sure have messed up in the process of taking on the challenges of the brand, too many times in fact. But even those are happy problems because it's how we grow this child KissTies. We just have to make sure that we learn our lessons well. This has, in fact, become our corporate culture: Raising up KissTies for our children.

We got our feet wet by jumping into the surging river. We wanted to sell online and started doing so after our day jobs. We threw just about anything on the wall to see which would stick. The search for a product to sell can sometimes come as an epiphany. Not with us. It came from sheer doggedness. Our journey was one of many many steps. It was not just about finding a need. It was about finding a need that we can serve really well. I was looking for a market to build a brand with. When it finally came to me, it was selling ties in America and to the world.

In a world of impressions, ties make the man. It takes him from man to gentleman, from respectable to compelling. So began our journey to making world-class ties. I wanted to sell people ties they could kiss. We did an in-depth study of the best ties in the world and their makers. We needed to be sure that we can deliver consistent colors and quality, but without customers breaking the bank. We needed to be sure we can scale up to demand. Then we launched into the necktie business. Not as smoothly as we wanted to, but we knew where we wanted to go. With that, KissTies was born in the spring of 2011.

KissTies is now known for its great-buy exquisite ties. We are a very dedicated team of free-spirited individuals passionate about neckties and related men's wear. KissTies controls the whole process from production to selling to after-sales service. The buck stops here because this is our inheritance to our children.  

We know we are in the customer-satisfaction business. And this is why we are fanatical about customer satisfaction. And you can help us, please.

How can we serve you better?


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