In 2009, as Edison and Susan prepared for their wedding, they encountered a common dilemma: the quest for elegant silk ties that wouldn't break the bank. Despite dreams of perfect accessories to match their special day, they found themselves settling for $20 alternatives due to budget constraints. The disappointment lingered, with those inexpensive ties serving as a bittersweet reminder of unfulfilled aspirations.

Haunted by their own experience, Edison and Susan realized they weren't alone in their desire for quality ties at affordable prices. Driven by empathy and a shared vision, they embarked on a mission to address this widespread need. Recognizing the significance of every detail in creating cherished memories, they set out to craft exquisite ties not just for themselves, but for all who sought to make their special moments truly unforgettable.

Their journey led them to meticulously study the artistry behind the finest ties, delving into the craftsmanship that defines true elegance. Armed with passion and dedication, they laid the foundation for KissTies—a brand committed to offering world-class ties tailored specifically for weddings.

Since our inception in the spring of 2011, KissTies has remained steadfast in our pursuit of excellence. We understand that every tie represents a cherished memory waiting to be made, and we're honored to play a part in those moments. With a focus on quality, affordability, and timeless elegance, we invite you to join us on our journey as we continue to create ties that are truly unforgettable.