Who Needs to Wear an Extra Long Tie

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The rule of thumb with neckties is that the tip of the head - the wide end - should hang in front of the belt buckle or waistband. A tie hanging too short or too long reflects poorly on the wearer. 

You can aim for this by adjusting how long the tail or the head hangs with the tie around your neck before you tie the knot. This is different for different knots. With the tie tied and with the head in front of the belt buckle, there should be enough length left on the tail for it to go into the keeper-loop.  

If you are having difficulty achieving this, you might need an Extra Long tie.

What is an Extra Long Tie?

An Extra Long tie is around 5 inches longer than a standard length tie. Standard length ties are generally around 58 inches, whereas Extra Long ties are usually around 63 inches measured from tip to tip.

Who Needs to Wear an Extra Long Tie?

Extra Long ties are typically recommended for big and tall body types. If you are 6-foot or taller or have a neck size larger than 18", Extra Long ties are such a joy to wear. 

Big tie knots like the Windsor or Balthus need more tie material to tie. For purists, Windsor - named after the Duke of Windsor - is the only way to tie a tie. It is also the traditional standard for formal and political events. It can, however, make a standard tie too short. 

Extra Long ties are also for tying more exotic knots like the Eldredge or Trinity Knot that use much more material.

If any of the above sounds familiar to you, you are better off choosing an Extra Long tie that fits your body size and type and will help make you look polished and dapper. 

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