How to fold a pocket square to match with a bowtie?

How to fold a pocket square to match with a bowtie?

When we talk of fashion, we know it was not born in a day. It's centuries old. It is not specific to gender either, and males, as well as females, have all the rights to spruce up their looks, look dashing, and debonair. We come across different trends, fads, and looks. They vary year to year and decade to decade. If we talk of the 1920's everything was chic and classic. In the 70's things were more hip and rustic. In today's world, everyone strives for class and elegance. For men, elegance starts with how smartly they are dressed, what kind of suit they are wearing, and how they have accessorized their look. A pocket square is one such accessory that adds a class of difference to one's suit and ties and gives it a more sophisticated look. It adds a pop of color to the suit and makes it livelier.


Type of Fabric

Any clothing item be it a suit, a tie or a pocket square fabric is important. Although pocket squares are made with wool and polyester too, the main fabric is either silk, cotton, or linen. Each fabric has its pros and cons and is selected according to one's requirements. For instance, silk is easy to store, it is a shimmery material so looks good with woolen suits and since it is a diaphanous material, it does not give the breast pocket a bulging look. On the other hand, because of its exquisiteness, it is an expensive fabric. Cotton on the other hand is cheaper than silk and is easy to iron but can shrink with washes. Linen is an extremely nifty fabric but it creases easily and needs ironing. Wool and polyester are less common choices and their cons outweigh their pros.


Color of Pocket Square

The most common and safest color for a pocket square is a solid color. White and blue pocket squares are the most popular choices. Since the white pocket square is classic and can be worn with any color. When choosing blue one needs to go for a deeper blue to give it a rich look instead of a fluorescent one. Everyone is familiar with the color wheel; the trick is to choose colors for a pocket square that complement the color of your tie and suit. It is always a big no to match the tie and the pocket square or shirt and the pocket square. One needs to choose colors that show good contrast and balance the whole ensemble.


Design and Pattern of a Pocket Square

Suits and ties have been in a harmonious fashion marriage for decades and pocket squares give them the added zest and pop. There is a multitude of designs offered at KissTies to choose from. The patterns available for pocket squares are numerous. There are small patterned designs, large ones, textured, repeating patterns, non-repeating patterns, florals, and paisleys. The collection is versatile and it depends on one's flair, how and what to choose and accessorize.


Ways to Fold a Pocket Square

pocket square is not a handkerchief, it may look like one but it is not there to blow your nose or wipe someone's tears. It is there for decorative purposes only, so it is empirical to know how to fold one flawlessly. Its vibrant color and intricate folds can add a dollop of elegance and suave to an otherwise bland look. We at KissTies strive to keep our customers in the loop, how to impeccably fold a pocket square.

The Square Fold

Square Fold or presidential fold, is a traditional fold and goes well with cotton or linen pocket squares since silk tends to slip and look messed up. To keep it seamless one can iron the folds to achieve an immaculate look. It is principally a straight fold, which is modest in size and panache.

The Triangle Fold

A Triangle fold is also called a one-point fold since it makes a point out of the breast pocket. Cotton and linen are excellent choices for triangle folds whereas silk tends to be very difficult to manage. It is an ideal way to add some color and contrast to the suit.

The Stairs Fold

This fold is the most inspiring, hence needs lots of practice and ingenuity. It is practical to start trying it with a cotton or linen pocket square and once you get the hang of it, silk is an excellent choice. It exudes an aura of chic and elegance. It is an excellent way to go for formal and festive occasions.

The Puff Fold

This is, without doubt, one of the easiest and most adaptable of all the pocket square folds. It is easy to manage and since it shows more of the fabric is ideal to use for printed or textured fabrics. It is a good choice to wear it casually as well as formally.

The Winged Puff Fold

It is a modern twist on the puff fold, by adding another dimension to it horizontally. It is like a winged puff and looks equally good for both day and night ensembles. Solid color fabrics as well as those with subtle prints look exquisite with this type of fold. Once the art of folding a pocket square is mastered, there is a vista of choices and trends to choose from.


Fashion is not a choice but a statement and one learns how to give a flair of elegance and confidence by making the right fashion choices and following set rules of finesse. One never matches a bowtie with a pocket square, which is a complete taboo. One does not wear pocket squares to funerals, as they are more festive than somber. Other than that, there is a very good reason a breast pocket is stitched onto your suit, why not make the most of it and give it a dash of grace by adorning it with a pocket square!


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