Sponsoring Your Wedding

Get Your Wedding Sponsored by Kissties

Welcome, if you are looking for perfectly matching color ties, bow ties and pocket squares to your bridesmaid dresses. And if you are seeking to get them free by having KissTies sponsor your wedding, welcome again.

how to get someone to sponsor your wedding.

1. create an image/brand for yourself

2. find the right sponsors

3. Earning Trust From Sponsors

Why Would we Want To Sponsor Your Wedding?

Because we can. Especially make you perfectly matching neckwear to your wedding motif. Because we like to work on fond memories. And because we like to work on the ties with your beloved ones. 

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  • Submit Your Basic Informations

  • We will check your information and reply in 24 hours

  • We will let you know if you are approved

  • Get your free ties home





- ties with your beloved ones -