Shocking reporting reveals the 8 things you must know about before looking for matching ties or bow ties for your bridesmaid dresses (#5 will shock you)!


"For a competitive edge, the likes of Florida-based David's Bridal sees to it that the colors of their bridesmaid dresses are not available elsewhere. In fact wedding fashion designers like Vera Wang carried by David's Bridal has her own colors for the same reason - like VW Olive or VW Champagne. With the possible manufacturing color choices at a hundred million, finding neckties or bow ties for the groomsmen of the same color as the bridesmaid dresses is extremely difficult."

"Ordering online compounds the problem as the color onscreen differs from the actual color, and from screen to screen."

"Bride-to-be Amy Dickenson who flew to the Philippines and other Asian countries in search of the perfect match in neckwear for the groomsmen ended up settling for the closest matching color she can find."

"Women have better color vision than men and picks up color mismatch better and quicker. Women attending a wedding will easily pick-up motif-color mismatch."

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