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Why Are We Donating To Khan Academy

15 years ago, a graduating student was speaking to his Adviser. He was asked what he’d do if he came across something beautiful - a stunning sunset, a street performer, etc. “What would you do, would you stop for some time, maybe 15 minutes if you are in a hurry to get to work?” He said he would, speaking from the heart.

The Adviser apparently thought he was lacking focus, especially that he was just starting out in life. He was told, “You have your eyes on too many things, if you stop you will be late for work. You need to work hard.”

It didn’t change his mind. In the following years, he stopped for a double rainbow and sunsets. He stopped for street musicians and dropped money. At times when he stopped, he got educated. Horse-blinders do shut out both distraction and opportunity.

Some months ago after Coronavirus broke out and his household had to stay home, he came across Khan Academy online. It was beautiful. He was impressed by its mission. So he stopped, immersed himself, and after discussions with the entire KissTies team finally decided to donate $1,000 dollars every year toward it’s continued KissTies Cares.

Children benefit from education, and he knows this well from experience. There are yet many students around the world who do not have access to good education and learning materials. Khan Academy’s mission is to provide free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere. And it is doing that beautifully.

Other businesses and individuals might also see the beauty and donate too. And so this KissTies Cares page.

For donations, please visit:WWW.KHANACADEMY.ORG/DONATE.