The rule of thumb with ties is that the tip of the tie should end in the middle of the belt buckle or waistband. A tie that has been tied too short or too long will throw off the entire look.

If you feel that your tie comes out just too short after you have tied the knot, it might be that you are using standard length ties when extra long ties might be a better choice.

What is an Extra Long Tie?

An extra long tie is 3-5 inches longer than a standard length tie. Standard length ties are generally 57/58 inches, whereas extra long ties are usually 60-63 inches, measured tip to tip.

Who Needs to Wear an Extra Long Tie?

Extra long ties are typically recommended for big and/or tall body types as well as for tying more complex knots.

If you are above 6'3", and/or have a neck size larger than 18", you will probably need to wear an extra long tie to give you more length to work with.

Also, if you prefer to use a double Windsor knot or other larger sized tie knot, which can make a standard length tie too short, then an extra long tie will work better for you.

If any of the above sounds familiar to you, you are better off choosing an extra long tie that fits your body size and type and will help make you look polished and ultimately be a classy man.