The tie is the most eye-catching feature in a man's attire. It is the preferred choice for work, church and events. And a color tie will make you stand out in a sea of classic suits. Experts say that color emits very specific signals and can create an impression. Wearing a tie with a specific color can say a lot about your personality.

Wonder whether you are wearing the right tie? What does the color of your tie say about you? Does it have other meanings? Don't worry - we've got you covered. Let's take a closer look at what each color of your tie symbolizes.

Red Ties

The color red conveys power, strength, passion, confidence, and authority, which has the ability to quickly attracts the eyes, to ignite people, and to arouse people. Many politicians like wearing red ties with light shirts and black suits. It's called the power tie. You can pair a red tie with a dark-colored suit for special and formal occasions where you are attempting to show your dominance. For a more subtle approach, consider a softer shade of burgundy.

Purple Ties

Purple is considered a color of royalty and wealth, which also signifies confidence and luxury. Many people avoid wearing a purple tie, as it will draw too much attention, however, that's actually not a bad thing. With a purple tie, it's very easy to create lasting first impressions and show your pioneering personality. When to wear it? Purple tie goes very well with dark color suit and can be great for business meetings or any other events where you want to give people a memorable first impression.

Black and Gray Ties

Black is seen as elegance and confidence, but also a sign of arrogance. A black tie is a perfect choice for a fancy affair or special events. Be aware that don't wear it if being one of the boys at work is necessary and you climb up the ladder. In contrast, it's wise to wear gray ties, which transmits modern, stylish and thoughtful. A gray tie allows you to appear more sophisticated without seeming pretentious. It is a better choice for most presentations.

Green Ties

Green symbolizes practicality, reliability, knowledge, wisdom, wealth, growth and also implies being down-to-earth. If you are a leader of the team and you'd like to convey a new knowledge to your members, the green tie is a good selection. Bright shade of green is often too distracting, and it can also be difficult to match suits. Darker shades of green are more appropriate or use a print light green tie pairing with a neutral-colored shirt.

Blue Ties

Worried about sending the wrong message with your tie color? A blue tie that will work in any situation without worry. The color blue often reminds people with sky and ocean, so it is associated with trust, calm, peace, dependability, and friendliness. When worn in different shades, blue may have more intricate connotations. Light blue inspires friendliness. Wearing a light blue tie shows your willingness to cooperate with others in the work. Navy blue represents confidence and seriousness. People who meet clients or have public speech often wear navy blue ties.

Different colors have different meanings. The color of your tie reveals a lot about your thoughts and personality. So next time before you choose the tie, think about the occasions, the event you are going to attend and what image would you like to project.

Now, are you ready to make a powerful statement with your ties?

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