The Windsor knot, also referred to as the Full Windsor knot or Double Windsor knot to distinguish it from the Half Windsor knot, is a very large symmetrical triangular shaped knot.

The Windsor knot is symmetrical, well-balanced, and self-releasing. It is especially suited for a spread or cutaway collar that can properly accommodate a larger knot.

Here is a step-by-step video tutorial that will teach you how to tie the perfect Windsor knot in just 5 steps. Give it a try!

The Windsor Knot Tying Instructions

1. Cross the wide end over the thin one and loop it under to form a knot.
2. Cross the wide end behind the thin one and loop it over to form another knot.
3. Pass the wide end across the front and loop it from underneath.
4. Pass the wide end through the front.
5. Tighten and adjust.