Choosing Perfect Wedding Ties

Wedding is one of the most important and special occasions in one’s life, and you want every detail to be as perfect as possible. Your wedding attire is critical for you to look the very best on your big day which is incomplete without a well-chosen tie.

Selecting the perfect tie for your wedding is no easy task. There are so many factors to consider. To ensure you make the right choice, here are a few important tips to guide you through the daunting process of choosing the perfect wedding ties.

Choosing the Right Color

There are thousands of colors available in ties. The No. 1 rule is to choose the color that will go with your overall attire and the occasion.

The classic black color tie is an ideal option to wear with the black wedding suit. And neutral colors like silver and grey also look good with most of the colors.

Colors like browns, yellows, oranges, and reddish shades look great if you are getting married in summer or fall. Colors with cooler hues such as greens, blues and lilac purples are best for the weddings in winter and spring season.

Selecting the Right Pattern

As with colors, there are different patterns such as solid, striped, checkered, paisley, polka dot, floral, plaid, and so on. Selecting the right pattern largely depends on the the level of formality of the wedding.

If your wedding is a very formal affair, a single solid color tie with no pattern is the best option to go with. A less formal affair allows you to choose more patterns such as floral and paisley ties which will go beautifully with a wedding suit.

Determining the Tie Size

Size of the tie is a very important factor, that is the length and width of the tie. The rule of thumb is to select the size of the tie that best suits the ‘size’ of the man.

Big and tall men require a tie that is a little bit longer and an extra long tie is their best option. Bigger men typically look best with regular width ties while shorter and/or thinner men can add a trendy touch by wearing skinny ties.

With all these tips you will be able to choose the perfect wedding ties in the right color, pattern and size. Above all else, make sure you select a tie that will make you comfortable on the wedding day. Being relaxed and enjoy your special day!

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