There are rules behind wearing ties that determine if a man will be seen as sleek and stylish or not, and you need to adopt them.

The Length Is Important

After knotting your tie, the tip should always touch your belt line. A tie that is too long or too short will affect your overall appearance.

Your Width Matters

The width of your tie should always match the width of your lapel. Keep in mind that slimmer ties are more modern and wider is old-fashioned, whether for suits or ties.

Get The Knot Right

Your tie knot should be what we call a four-in-hand. Not too big, not too small; just right. Master the art, because it goes with every kind of shirt and every kind of suit.

Be As Conservative As Possible

Being conservative will do you a lot of good. A plain, solid color tie is a fail-safe move. Opt for subtle patterns if you must, but steer clear of novelty prints.

Tie Bars

Those shiny metal clips can do a lot of good in improving the combination of your suit, shirt and tie. Just ensure that you position them between the third and fourth button of your shirt.

Good Pocket Squares

Pocket squares can incredibly improve your appearance. You shouldn't however match them exactly with your tie, be it the color or pattern. Add a bit of contrast to get a polished look.

Bow Ties Can Do The Magic

Bow ties are back in vogue. Opt for a self-tie version or go the whole hog and learn how to tie one yourself. You can pair your bow tie with a dress suit and with an Oxford shirt, pullover and chinos if it's more fun.